How much will we be walking?
Our tours cover a fair amount of walking distance ranging anywhere from ½ mile to 1 mile on level city sidewalks. On our Taste of Santa Barbara Tour, guests will be standing for most of the tastings, so this food tour is not suited for those who cannot be on their feet for 2+ hours or those with physical limitations that make walking long distances difficult. For all tours, please wear comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes (casual dress is just fine). We suggest bringing a water bottle, a jacket for cooler weather, and an umbrella if the weather looks questionable.

How much will we be eating?
We will be sampling food at each of our stops (except for the wine tasting). Some tastings will offer a few bites, while others entail larger portions. Throughout the course of the tour, you will eat the equivalent of a large meal.

What if I’m a vegetarian or have food allergies?
Most of our food tours aren't suited for vegans, lactose intolerant individuals, or those on a gluten-free diet. Our restaurants and shops are unable to provide substitutions for these dietary restrictions, but guests are welcome to pass on any dishes they do not like or cannot eat. Please do let us know, though, if you are a vegetarian or have any serious food allergies when purchase your tickets and we will do our best to accommodate those needs. We will alert the restaurants of any food allergies in advance, but we suggest inquiring at each stop to ensure your tasting is allergy free. We are not able to accommodate any last minute dietary requests. If you have any questions, please email us at

Will Allison, the owner, be our tour guide?
Due to the high demand for our tours, Allison is unable to lead all of the tours we run. We have assembled a great team of tour guides - from food writers, professional tour guides, to gourmet cooks - to help with our food tours. When you receive your tour confirmation email, we will let you know which of our guides will be leading your tour.

What do I need to bring?
Water is not served with all of the tastings, so we suggest bringing a bottle of water with you to enjoy throughout the tour. In addition, do bring a hearty appetite, your camera, and a tote bag or backpack. All of the tastings are included in the cost of the tour, but there will be opportunities to purchase goodies to fill your suitcase or your pantry should you feel inspired.

What if it rains?
Our tours are rain or shine events and will not be cancelled due to inclement weather. Please wear appropriate clothing and bring an umbrella if it is raining. In the case of flooding or natural disaster, tours may be cancelled. In this case, we will contact you and make arrangements to reschedule your tour or give you a full refund.

Are children allowed?
Our food tours are geared toward adults and are not designed for young children. We don't recommend our tours for children under eight years of age, but please email us at if you have any questions or would like to bring your child.

Are substitutions allowed on the tour?
Due to the nature of our tours and the tastings we have pre-arranged with our partner businesses, we are unable to make substitutions during the tour. If you let us know 48 hours in advance if you have any vegetarians or food allergies in your group, we can usually accommodate and offer substitutions; but, we are unable to offer substitutions based on food preferences, last minute dietary concerns, or substitutions for young children.

Am I expected to tip?
Tipping is not required, but if you have a great time, gratuities are happily accepted by our tour guides.

Can I bring my dog?
Please leave your furry friends at home. Dogs aren't allowed in most of the businesses we visit.

Is there transportation available to the tour starting location?
No, but if you are interested in taking Uber to the tour, we offer a coupon code for new users that is good for $20 off your first ride in Santa Barbara. Coupon code will be emailed along with ticket purchase confirmation. 

If we drive, where should we park?
We suggest parking lot #5 on this handy parking map, but #4, #6, or #7 will get you pretty darn close to the tour starting location too.

Are tickets refundable?
Since many people and many restaurants are involved in getting ready for our food tours, admission fee is non-refundable from 48 hours before tour departure. If you have purchased a ticket but are unable to attend, please pass it along to another food loving friend (and let us know so we can add them to the list instead). If you are coordinating a private food tour for a group of friends, please make sure all group members know there are no refunds for no-shows or latecomers to the tour.

What else can we do while we're visiting the area?
There are a lot of fun things to do in Santa Barbara, ranging from the natural to the historic to the culinary. We've listed a few other things you can do in Santa Barbara either before or after your food tour!

We're interested in a team building experience for our company, do you offer anything like that?
Yes, we can offer a variety of customized, private food tours that are perfect for team building and creating camaraderie among your corporate group and co-workers.

If you have any other questions or need further info, feel free to email us at or call us at 805-295-TOUR.